A Heart-to-Heart With Courtney Stanley: A Customer Shares her Story

Courtney Stanley and her father, Vernon, have made careers out of capturing people’s hearts.

Courtney Stanley

Vernon R. Stanley has used his doctorate in electrical engineering and his medical training to capture the rhythms of people’s hearts with the 12-lead electrocardiograph (ECG). He’s been an emergency-room physician for 34 years and a lecturer for nearly that long. He’s the chief of ER medicine and chief of staff at Plateau Medical Center in Oak Hill, W. Va.

Vernon R. Stanley turned his 29 years’ worth of lecture notes into online training courses, available at Three courses are offered: the 12-lead ECG course, an animated rhythms course, and a 50 case studies course.

Courtney Stanley’s own heart rhythm is set to jazz. When she isn’t managing, she’s singing in the Atlanta area, whether it’s with her band, in a theater production, or with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus. Stanley especially enjoys singing classical arias and selections from her standard American jazz repertoire.

Stanley is also a trained ER physician’s assistant who maintains her certification, though she is not currently practicing.

Stanley began working as an ER physician’s assistant in 2004. Then she began working on, in addition to pursuing her music.

Stanley said in a telephone interview that logistically, it wasn’t possible to be a musician, website manager, and ER physician’s assistant at the same time.

“I didn’t feel that I could do all three justice,” she said. “And I was working in several ERs, so I was here in Atlanta, driving an hour-and-a-half one way to one hospital.”

She narrowed her focus.

Dr. Stanley

“At the top, the priority is given to the online business, and then in the evening, I will do rehearsals or lessons for my music,” Stanley said. “I still have active licensure and certification as a PA; [I] keep my credentials at the ready but could not continue the practice. It was too much.”

Stanley’s career path isn’t what she’d originally envisioned.

“I had originally thought that what I really wanted to do, theater and sing, would be my career path, and then just being completely, I suppose, [I was] trying to be more sensible about what would be a lucrative career,” she said.

Stanley came to The Small Business Authority in 2007 after leaving a “not-so-favorable” web-hosting situation. She said she picked us because we work with ColdFusion.

The Small Business Authority worked with Stanley to improve the function and interactivity of, and we provided Stanley with secure payment processing. We also placed her site on a dedicated server and helped her with business formation.

“It’s really very fortunate, because it made something good out of a bad situation,” Stanley said.

She also discovered that we provide domain registration to our hosting clients.

“They’re our one-stop shop, which is really nice, because it means that I can turn a problem over to someone like [Associate Vice President] James Coats, and he gets it fixed and hands it back to me.”

Maybe we’re being selfish, but we want to make it as easy as possible for Stanley to manage—because we want her to sing her heart out.

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