Citigroup Gets Hacked


Hackers have caused a breach of security at former TARP bailout recipient Citigroup,1 and they didn’t even bother to leave a cupcake recipe.2 The hacking attack affected the company’s credit-card customers in North America, according to a CNNMoney article.3

“A limited number—roughly 1 percent—of Citi bankcard customers’ accounting information (such as name, account number, and contact information including email address) was viewed,” according to a prepared-statement excerpt in the article.

That “limited number” translates to approximately 200,000 customers, according to the article.

Citigroup joins the ranks of other companies hacked in 2011, such as Sony Corp. (most recently Sony Pictures),4 Nasdaq OMX,5 and the anti-hacking arm of EMC Corp.6

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