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Tablets Are Going to Work

Everyone knows tablets are great devices for use in a casual setting, with the (in some cases) beautiful screens delivering a rich reading experience or providing rich entertainment value. But many of these tablets are going to work, and it is a trend that appears to be catching on.

Bring Your Own Device

One of the major pushes behind the modern tablet business entrance is a new policy at many work places that allows the user to bring their own device and use it on the company network. Such policies, collectively being called “Bring your own device” (BYOD), allows for such devices to access corporate email and calendars. In some cases the device is even allowed on the corporate network, allowing access to company documents and other files.

Experience the Olympics with the Athletes, and You Don’t Even Have to be in London

Time zones and distance are no match for technology and social media.  The Olympics this year are set to be the most available ever as London 2012 gets underway with 3,500 hours of real-time streaming, unprecedented interaction with athletes, and 3D coverage.  No stranger to technological advancements, the 1896 Athens Olympics was followed via newspapers, but by the 1936 Berlin Olympics the event was covered by 2,500 radio broadcasts in 28 languages. The first live satellite television broadcast to 40 countries occurred with the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games and the first dedicated web page for the event debuted for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Pulling a Few All-Nighters Can Result in a New Business

Ever miss that feeling of intense focus and alliance from pulling a caffeine-fueled, all-night study session?  If so, you aren’t alone as Startup Weekend proves that doesn’t have to end when you leave school.  In the same way and are making it easier to get your business or idea funded, Startup Weekend is helping aspiring technology entrepreneurs prove out their products and businesses in an intense 54 hour weekend.

How to Connect With Prospects at Networking Events

Networking events are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a popular event means there’s plenty of potential customers to meet. On the other hand, attending an event and coming away empty is a huge waste of a business owner’s most precious commodity – time.

Fortunately, there are ways to tilt the odds in your favor. Some advance preparation and a few tips to keep in mind while at the event will increase the chances that you walk off with at least one, or possibly several qualified leads.

Cyberattacks on the Rise

Recently, disturbing trends in cyber-attacks and Internet extortions have emerged.  In one case, ransomware—malicious software that infects a host system unless the user pays for a serial or unlock code—cases have been on the rise, as reported by PC World.  One new version of this threatens to alert law enforcement about child pornography if the program is allegedly place on the user’s computer, according to antivirus firm Sophos[1].

The malicious application, which is detected by Sophos antivirus as Troj/Ransom-HC, encrypts files on an infected computer.  The encryption supposedly uses a 256 AES cipher, and the decryption key costs 3,000 euros, or about 3,800 USD (United States Dollars).

The Federal Government May be Guilty of Warrantless Snooping On Private Emails

As reported by MSNBC, the American Civil Liberties Union has released the results of a year-long investigation into the warrantless use of cellphone tracking data by law enforcement.[1] Speculations that the Justice department and the Internal Revenue Service troll individual American citizens’ e-mail and cellphone records are rampant; but the departments are reluctant to put them down.

In its investigation, the ACLU found many law enforcement agencies nationwide pay the major cellphone carries a small fee to receive a copy of a user’s detailed historic cellphone location information.  What this means is that a local police department can pay a nominal fee to learn exactly where you travelled to, moment-by-moment, during a period of time without the consent of a judge.

Mozilla Releases a Secure Firefox 14

Firefox 14 is now available six weeks after the release of Firefox 13 following the company’s typical pattern of rapid fire release.

The company improved on many areas however the main focus was security and this feature was highlighted in numerous features with the top of its list being a secure Google search. Now, Firefox will by default access Google search utilizing an SSL encrypted HTTPS connection.

“Enabling HTTPS for these searches shields our users from network infrastructure that may be gathering data about the users or modifying/censoring their search results,” Sid Stamm, lead privacy engineer at Mozilla wrote on the company blog earlier in the year.

Microsoft Corporation Unveils a New Version of Office

It has been quite some time since a new version of Microsoft Office has arrived on the screen and Chief Executive Office Steve Ballmer has high hopes. “The new, modern Office will deliver unparalleled productivity and flexibility for both consumers and business customers,” stated Ballmer. “It is a cloud service and will fully light-up when paired with Windows 8.”