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Twitter First View

Most social media for businesses is a platform for advertising Twitter Usersand engagement. Twitter is no exception, and with their active users at an all time high, Twitter’s timeline is a highly desirable ad space.

Twitter offers promoted tweets to reach outside your organic audience. These tweets will put your content on the timeline of users everywhere, even if they haven’t followed your business’s account. Twitter also allows people to upload up to 30 second videos, advertisement or not, to their timelines.

Facebook’s Messenger Bots are Simultaneously Ingenious and Useless

Facebook has launched a Messenger FBNews BotBot system to allow businesses to provide an “instant” point of contact to people looking for general information. The idea behind the service is to eliminate the need to call a 1-800 number, as stated by Zuckerberg. Facebook released the API to allow businesses to set up their own bots, so you can round out your customer service and sales strategy by automating your Facebook messages.

Virtual Reality to Become Our Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has been on its way, but not quite here, for what feVirtual Realityels like an eternity. Similarly to how 3D TV’s were hyped up for months before they ever came to market, gamers, developers, and technology fans have been foaming at the mouth over VR since the Oculus Rift was announced. It seems like every phone manufacturer out there is trying their hand at a VR headset as well, with Samsung being the obvious frontrunner with their Gear VR.

Managed Technology & The SMB

managed services guyTechnology drives modern business, regardless of size or industry. It’s how we interact with customers, distribute information, push revenue, and solve problems. However, for small and medium-sized businesses and startups, technology implementation is another in a long list of issues that result from a lack of resources.

Few people have the expertise to manage much of today’s technology, and most independent businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time IT staff, here are ways that managed IT services can really benefit small businesses.

The Future of Business Cards

Business cards have been around for about 400 years, and the way they work has MOO Business Cards NFCremained stagnant for much of that time. The flaw with business cards is that we do so little on paper anymore, all a business card really does is add an extra step to get in touch with someone you want to reach out to. MOO is a company that prints business cards, but a certain product of theirs is strikingly innovative, adapting to the increasingly digital world.

Small Business Economy on the Rise

small-business-growingGreat news for the small business economy: according to the HIS Small Business Index, small business growth expanded in February to the highest level in nearly a year.

The Index expanded last month to 100.75, up .10% from January and just .08% of the pace set a year ago in February 2015. According to the study, and reading above 100 indicates growth. Further, the pace of small business growth is up .33% in the last quarter.

A New Type of Leader

young-artist-galleryBy 2025, Millennials will make up about 75% of the work force. And as Millennials take over the workplace, the qualities that define a “leader” will change.

For example, The Millennial Leadership Survey states nearly all, 91% of all Millennials, aspire to be leaders, and 43% of them are motivated to be the kind of leader that empowers others. This is a major departure from the leaders of today; Millennial leaders aren’t seeking to be trailblazers in just business, these leaders are looking to make a difference and change the world. They want to lead with purpose, inspire, and challenge others to find their purpose.

Avoid Outages on Big Retail Days

If you’re an ecommerce business owner with any reasonable amount of experienceOutage, you’re familiar with the concept of ‘busy season.’ The length of time that constitutes busy season varies from industry to industry, but no matter when it occurs, businesses must prepare well in advance for the sudden surge of digital customers to avoid a website crash.

To ensure your website continues to serve customers, it’s imperative to find a web host that can gracefully scale to meet the assorted demands of businesses and ‘busy seasons.’ In addition to finding a reliable hoster, here’s a little advice on how to avoid major disaster.

Plastc: How a Payment Card Should Work

2016-02-18 11_22_45-Plastc _ Bring Intelligence to the Way You PayPlastc is a new spin on old tech, and it’s extremely impressive. In a previous post about credit card technology, Plastc was mentioned but not really explained, so that’s what I plan on doing here.

The idea is, using Bluetooth, an app, and a magstripe reader, you load your existing debit & credit cards into the Plastc card, where it is stored on flash memory. The card itself uses an e-ink touchscreen with a PIN system to make sure that only you can access the information stored on it. Once you’ve unlocked the card, you select which card you would like to use, then swipe, tap, or use the EMV chip to make your payment.

Are you still swiping your card in stores? Stop.

October 1st 2015 came and went with little fanfare. Many businesses upgraded their point of sales terminals to be compatible with the new EMV standard, but I’ve noticed a surprising amount haven’t made the switch yet. These aren’t small time, mom & pop shops that I’m referring to either. Massive retailers that tend to be the targets of POS systems hacks are simply ignoring the fact that there is a serious vulnerability in the machines they’re using to process an ever-increasing number of credit and debit card payments. Whether it’s because of the characteristic feet-dragging of the bureaucratic decision makers that have to approve an upgrade of a technology system, or a simple lack of caring that they are now liable for credit card fraud on non-EMV (Chip) systems, enough time has passed to make the decision as a consumer to insist upon an up-to-date, secure system.