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The Facebook Shopping Mall

facebook shoppingThe new word on the street is that Facebook may become something of a “virtual shopping mall.” Considering they’ve already tackled the art of advertising (their main source of revenue), and communication, why not add purchases and shipping to their infamous network?

CNN explains that, “the social network will help businesses transform their Facebook pages into e-commerce.” As Facebook moves to enable businesses to sell their products and services directly through the social media platform, they will be in essence creating one of the largest ecommerce platforms to date. Not only does this greatly simplify the buying process for the consumer (as they never have to leave the site),  but it is good for the companies who are trying every way possible to get their products out there and make sales. Customers will also, “be able to chat with businesses and track packages within Messenger, and transfer money between friends.”

Male Trolls Threaten Women Across The Internet

Women At Computer, ShockedFor some, it’s hard to believe that gender inequality still exists in today’s society. With Hillary Clinton running for President, and many women holding CEO, CFO, and other high-ranking positions within the workforce, it is concerning that men are given undue superiority to women. Yes, men and women have their differences, but that should not affect the fields in which they work.

The Fight Against Fraud

Safe bankingFraud is a scary thought in today’s merchant environment. Whether it be large-scale hacks on payment systems, or singular attempts of identity fraud, the amount of individuals seeking to gather personal information and swindle consumers out of their own money is ever increasing.

When shopping online, in-store, or on the side of the street for that unique piece, there is always the risk of our personal banking information being compromised. It is a business risk that consumers and merchants take in order to purchase and sell.

Instagram, Instasearch

instagram_update_search_explore_iphone_android_ios_june_2015Instagram introduced a newly overhauled search feature to its .com website this past Monday. Instagram created, a web-based platform of its popular photo sharing mobile application in 2013. Originally just a larger (some would say more beautiful) representation of the app,’s new update marks the first time the company has added search features to the website. Users can now search for people, places, and hashtags via the web platform. Additionally, a “top posts” feature has been added to the website, which will provide results for most frequently searched photos, as well as recent posts.

New York Moves to Raise Minimum Wage to $15

15 min wageWednesday July 22, New York moved to raise its minimum wage for fast-food chain restaurants employees to $15 per hour by the end of 2018 for New York City, and state-wide by 2021. This is more than 70 percent earning raise. Previously minimum wage employees earned $8.75, in addition to fast-food chain employees Mayor DeBlasio has proposed the $15 minimum wage for all industries in New York City.

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. According to the New York Times it’s the fourth most expensive city in the world, with London following in third and Los Angels residing as the tenth. Surviving off of $8.75/hr in New York city is nearly impossible.

Perfect the Online Shopping Experience

Header_ECommerce1-540x180In the Game of Thrones of online retailers, Warby Parker takes the crown. Warby Parker is an eyeglass company, where purchasers visit their website to pick the frames for their prescription, or non-prescription lenses. The online shopping experience that Warby Parker is able to deliver should be a model for any digital retailer. In addition to a great web experience, the company sends customers five different pairs of glasses to try out and sample for five days. Try before you buy; if only every site was so accommodating! Now, of course not every business can be Warby Parker, but retailers can use them as an inspirational example of a successful web-based business.

Simple Ways to Grow Your Email Contact List

Email-marketing-tipsOne of the easiest ways to market your company is by email. Sending out newsletters, promotions, holiday cards, etc.

The great thing about creating an internal company email list is that you own the contents. In contrast, your social media content is owned by social media sites. That is why it’s important to curate your own list of email contacts of potential and current clients.

Generating an email marketing list is quite simple. The key is to build your list from the connections you already have.

Personal Connections

Will Retailers Be Ready for EMV?

EMV1While the clock is ticking down toward the October 2015 EMV liability shift, an increasing number of analysts are questioning whether the majority of U.S. merchants will convert by that deadline, or at all.

According to reports in Banking Info Security, though the forthcoming shift will mean that issuers or merchant that do not support EMV will assume liability for fraud that is the result of a compromised mag-stripe card transaction after October of next year, that potential cost alone is not acting as a significant enough motivator, particularly for small banks and retailers.

Is Clover Mini the Ultimate Utility for SMB?

clover miniLast month, First Data announced the launch of Clover Mini, the newest member of the Clover family of products. The Mini rethinks the payment terminal, giving business owners an “all-in-one” solution to help streamline operations, expand business and customer intelligence, and improve overall customer experience, all while securely processing payments with the very latest technologies available.

Clover Mini’s specs are impressive; the device includes an integrated magnetic stripe reader, EMV Card “dip”, built-in NFC (for Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay), front-facing camera, audio jack, SIM Card slot, and integrated thermal printer. Businesses can connect the Mini to their infrastructure through WiFi, 3G Mobile Data, or even Ethernet.

Twitter Changes Its Game Plan

twitterWhen Twitter first launched, it was mainly used as a place to simply share what’s on your mind and follow those of your interest to see what’s on theirs. After many years of evolving into one of the largest social media platforms, Twitter has decided to make some drastic changes.