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LinkedIn’s Job Search App Now Available on Android

linkedin_android_2-786x305Last year, LinkedIn launched its first standalone job search app, noting that 40% of its 300 million users access the site on mobile devices. The app launched in June as a free iOS app and it is now available for Android.

LinkedIn Job Search allows users to search and apply for jobs on the social network. The company says the app brings all the same features seen on iOS, but was built from scratch for Android. Job Search Android has been optimized “specially for the Android experience” featuring left- and right-hand navigation, as well as action bars at the top of the screen within the app.

Spring Clean Your Business

fhp_2014mar18-how-to-spring-clean-your-small-business_imageHalfway through March means we’ve officially entered spring! With every spring comes warmer weather, longer days, happier people and spring cleaning. Instead of just cleaning out those closets this year, how about cleaning up your business too.

The office – This involves some physical cleaning and moving. Maybe it’s time to switch completely to electronic records. Get rid of those filing cabinets and open up the space. Do some real extra dusting, get those carpets cleaned. Maybe knock down those cubicles and switch your office to an open concept, some say it promotes productivity and creativity. A cleaner, better organized office leads to greater happiness among employees and more productivity.

The Importance of Email Marketing

mail contactThere are many different marketing tactics that we can use to promote our businesses. One of the best tools to use is inexpensive, and readily available at your fingertips: email.

With the help of third-party email software such as Monitor, iContact, MailChimp, business owners can manage, target, and track email campaigns. In addition you can use their templates for creative flare. The goals of email marketing are to keep your customers informed, establish a positive relationship, keep your business on their minds, special targeted promotions.

6 Traits of A Successful Entrepreneur

girl in windowEveryone has thought about being their own boss at one point or another. It is a misconception that the only people to achieve such success are those who received straight A’s in college. On the contrary, those young adults who have developed that type- A personality, being over achievers and workaholics, are generally not the type to take the risk required to establish a business. Go big or go home!

However, there are a set of character traits that research shows are shared among entrepreneurs on the whole.


Now Is the Time for Responsive Design

mobile-phonesBeginning April 21, Google will use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results, rewarding websites that are fully optimized for mobile platforms.

Most modifications to the all-important Google Search Algorithm have only a low-weight impact on search results, however Google says the effect of this change will be profound. It is very important for any business owner with a website to respond accordingly.

Effective immediately, Google will also factor content from mobile apps (a feature called App Indexing) when rendering mobile search results. Android users who are signed into their Google account will begin to see apps more prominently in search listings.

Is it Prime Time for the Apple Watch?

apple-watch-event-2015-release-dateOn March 9 Apple hosted their Spring Forward event where they announced the release of a new MacBook and more details on the largely anticipated Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is Apple’s first wearable. It was built to work with iPhone, but it’s not just an iPhone that was shrunk down to the size of the watch. The user interface was completely rebuilt to accommodate the size of 38mm or 42mm watch face. With tap and press commands, touch navigation, and digital crown navigation. Apple has taken the dial on the side of a regular watch and made it into a navigation scroll that translates rotary movement into digital data, it is also used as a home button.

5 Essential Security Tips for Small Businesses

security | blueGiven the increasing frequency and sophistication of modern cyber attacks, it is more important than ever for small businesses to understand the dramatic effects of a data breach. Small businesses can protect their customers and themselves by staying educated and understanding solutions and best practices that are available to reduce the likelihood of a costly security breach.

  1. Safeguard Valuable Documents and Equipment – Make sure all digital devices used for business are protected with antivirus and antispyware software that is regularly updated. All computer servers and sensitive paperwork need to be stored safely and securely, with a limit to the number of people with keys and/or access codes. Research off-premise data center or cloud computer solutions to ensure the safety of your information.

Small Merchant EMV Assistance Program

payU.S. small businesses have been slow to adopt EMV technology. To help ease the transition, American Express has introduced the Small Merchant EMV Assistance Program.

To recap, EMV cards, or ‘chip-and-PIN’ cards, are set to replace antiquated magnetic stripe reader (MSR) card technology by October 2015. Instead of being swiped like current cards, EMV cards are inserted into a slot where POS machines will read a microchip.

EMV card technology is predicted to account for at least a 30% decline in fraud. Still, for small businesses, adoption of the new technology presents a challenge. The American Express program grants small businesses $100 to help offset the cost of upgrading to EMV card readers.

3 Things To Do Before Making IT Investments

MoneyPuzzleSmall and medium sized businesses are investing heavily in IT this year. But rather than hiring internal IT personal, savvy businesses are recognizing the importance of end-user hardware and cloud-based (and hosted) IT services. This is a smart approach, as these small and medium sized organizations are able to do more with less.

Consider the following tips from the Xerox Small Business Solutions blog before making IT investments of your own:

4 Things to Consider Before Switching to a Modern POS System

200462241-001Things are not what they used to be. Remember the days where purchasing goods required huge buttons being pressed down to create a total, after which the cashier would accept your money and deposit it into a register? Well, that cash register still exists but as the 21st century unfolds, the demand for a more efficient system has risen. This is an age of technology where people want what they want, and they want it now…especially when it comes to shopping!