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White House Fence-Jumper More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

Security at the White HouseThe recent security breach at the White House was much more serious than previously reported.

Last week, Omar Gonzalez was charged with unlawfully entering a restricted area while carrying a deadly or dangerous weapon. Secret Service officials originally reported that Gonzalez was quickly detained at the main entrance after scaling a wall at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. However, The Washington Post broke the latest details on Monday that Gonzalez actually made it much deeper into the building.

Upon clearing a fence outside the White House, the accused overpowered a Secret Service officer at the front door and barreled along through the 80-foot-long East Room, reaching the door of the Green Room where he was eventually detained, knife in hand.

According to a Secret Service official speaking under the condition anonymity, an alarm box near the front entrance of the White House designed to alert guards of intrusions had been muted. Representative Jason Chaffetz, chairman of a Homeland Security subcommittee, said he was told the alarm was silenced because the White House usher staff found them to be “noisy” and they frequently malfunctioned.

A U.S. official has confirmed these alarming details to several news outlets since Monday. The first family was not home at the time, but the Secret Service – and its Director Julia Pierson – will undoubtedly face tough scrutiny over the incident.

The iPhone 6 is here!


Apple Inc. Reveals Bigger-Screen iPhones Alongside WearablesIt’s been a week since the release of Apple’s newest baby, or should we say babies: The iPhone 6, iPhone 6+. Meaning regular people (those that don’t have 18 hours to stand in line outside the Apple Store, or thousands of dollars to buy it on Amazon) have easy access to the new hardware.

These two phones are slim and large. The iPhone 6, 4.7 inch screen and the 6 Plus, a 5.5 inch screen, almost as big as Apple’s iPad Mini. But the biggest selling points for this sleek thin new device are not just in its outer shell but its interior.

Email Security – Is Your Information Safe?

email-securitySecuring your email with a strong password is important, but it only protects your local email account. Once your email (and the data within) leaves your network – bouncing from server to server, on its way to the intended recipient – you have no control over its security.

Some common ways email can be hacked or intercepted:

  • Email Headers – Did you know that the headers of your emails are full of information that can be of use to hackers? Even though you usually only see “From”, “To”, and the “Subject”, email headers can be manipulated to show your IP address, local time zone, and even the email software you are using (knowing the software version enables hackers to exploit bugs associated with that particular software).

Improve SEO Through Social Media

Improve SEO with social mediaIt used to be that SEO revolved around only keywords, and inbound links; but social media has changed the game. As new and diverse social media offerings continue to emerge, search engines are increasingly incorporating social signals (likes, +1’s, woots, etc.) to advise their social results.

Here are five best practices for aligning your social media and SEO efforts.

  1. Publish High-Quality Content – you should know this one by now! Content has always been king, but in the last couple of years, providing high-quality, useful, and interesting content has become the single most important thing a business can do to improve their SEO.

Three (Inexpensive) Social Media Monitoring Solutions

social-media-monitoringYou can’t control what is said about you online, but it’s always a good idea to know what is being said. Monitoring your brand’s social reputation allows you to make impactful decisions based on public opinion, and it is one of the most effective business-building strategies you can employ. When you have a social media monitoring strategy, anytime your business, website, or product is mentioned somewhere on the Interwebs, you are instantly alerted to the conversation. This empowers you to engage interested prospects, increase word-of-mouth, keep an eye on your reputation, and respond to negative discussions.

13 Types of Insurance For The Small Business Owner

small_business_owners_imageIf you are a small business owner, insurance is something you will eventually need to address. It can be stressful to think about the additional costs involved in getting your business up and running. However, every business owner should have some basic type of business insurance in order to safeguard your business and your livelihood.

Yes, insurance is expensive, and at times you might feel like your cash may be better spent elsewhere – but having coverage for your business is always a good investment.

Here are 13 types of insurance for a small business owner.

Apple Breaks Into Mobile Payments

applepay_applewatchSmartphone makers have been trying to replace our wallets with digital pay methods for several years. While the trend has yet to widely catch on outside of the tech sphere, Apple (so often the bridge between the super geeky and super chic) believes that they may be able to change that.

On Tuesday, Apple announced it would soon be offering its own version of the mobile wallet, dubbed Apple Pay. Apple claims to have already established relationships with three major credit card companies, and retail giants like Target and McDonald’s – meaning soon you’ll be paying for your Number 3 with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Use Technology To Be a Better Manager

better managerIt’s no secret that here at Newtek, the only thing we respect as much as small business owners is the power of technology. Technology has transformed the business landscape, creating more efficient solutions, better business practices, and an open line of communication between businesses and their customers. If you’re not using technology to be a better business owner, here are some good places to begin.

Project Management Software
If your business is project-heavy and includes multiple team members, management software will greatly improve productivity and efficiency. These programs will help conquer time-consuming obligations such as scheduling, generating reports, process tracking, and budget management among much more. Project management software also allows you to store all information related to a project in one, easily assessable location.

Small Business Loan Basics

bank-loan-1940x900_30167Securing a loan for your business is an intimidating process; it requires patience, time, and a great deal of documentation to complete. However, with proper planning, you’ll find that grueling loan process is definitely something you can handle. It’s all about preparation.

The first step is to get organized, neatly gather required documents, and mentally prepare to answer questions about your business. If you can illustrate to potential lenders that you are confident in your business, fiscally responsible, and can provide a solid plan – securing a loan will be easier than you think.

Overcoming “Lonely at the Top” Syndrome

lonely at the topMost small business owners are ready and willing to take on the many tasks involved in running a successful enterprise—from devising a budget to hiring staff and planning both short-term and long-range strategy. It’s what they’ve aspired to do since setting out on their own.

But the role of entrepreneur/owner/CEO is a double-edged sword. No one’s telling you how to run your business, but on the other hand, no one else can take responsibility if and when things go wrong. More importantly, as the person in charge, you should steer clear of expressing your doubts about the business with your employees, since they look to you for round-the-clock leadership and inspiration.