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The Facebook Shopping Mall

facebook shoppingThe new word on the street is that Facebook may become something of a “virtual shopping mall.” Considering they’ve already tackled the art of advertising (their main source of revenue), and communication, why not add purchases and shipping to their infamous network?

CNN explains that, “the social network will help businesses transform their Facebook pages into e-commerce.” As Facebook moves to enable businesses to sell their products and services directly through the social media platform, they will be in essence creating one of the largest ecommerce platforms to date. Not only does this greatly simplify the buying process for the consumer (as they never have to leave the site),  but it is good for the companies who are trying every way possible to get their products out there and make sales. Customers will also, “be able to chat with businesses and track packages within Messenger, and transfer money between friends.”

Male Trolls Threaten Women Across The Internet

Women At Computer, ShockedFor some, it’s hard to believe that gender inequality still exists in today’s society. With Hillary Clinton running for President, and many women holding CEO, CFO, and other high-ranking positions within the workforce, it is concerning that men are given undue superiority to women. Yes, men and women have their differences, but that should not affect the fields in which they work.

Instagram, Instasearch

instagram_update_search_explore_iphone_android_ios_june_2015Instagram introduced a newly overhauled search feature to its .com website this past Monday. Instagram created, a web-based platform of its popular photo sharing mobile application in 2013. Originally just a larger (some would say more beautiful) representation of the app,’s new update marks the first time the company has added search features to the website. Users can now search for people, places, and hashtags via the web platform. Additionally, a “top posts” feature has been added to the website, which will provide results for most frequently searched photos, as well as recent posts.

Is Clover Mini the Ultimate Utility for SMB?

clover miniLast month, First Data announced the launch of Clover Mini, the newest member of the Clover family of products. The Mini rethinks the payment terminal, giving business owners an “all-in-one” solution to help streamline operations, expand business and customer intelligence, and improve overall customer experience, all while securely processing payments with the very latest technologies available.

Clover Mini’s specs are impressive; the device includes an integrated magnetic stripe reader, EMV Card “dip”, built-in NFC (for Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay), front-facing camera, audio jack, SIM Card slot, and integrated thermal printer. Businesses can connect the Mini to their infrastructure through WiFi, 3G Mobile Data, or even Ethernet.

Try Google AdWords for FREE, $100 Introductory Offer

GoogleAdWords_redBig news, we’ve teamed up Google to help grow your organization’s online footprint.

As a certified Google Partner, Newtek has been authorized to provide you with a $100 AdWords voucher so you can experience the benefits of advertising your business with Google firsthand.

What is AdWords?

AdWords is an innovative, pay-per-click, online advertising tool. With AdWords, you’re given the keys to Google’s most prominent digital real estate space – in the sponsored links section of, as well as YouTube, and a wide range of additional partner networks – to advertise your business. We love AdWords because it’s affordable, easy to use, and impactful.

The Future of “The Cloud”

cloud artIt’s safe to say that cloud computing is the next “big thing.”  Cloud computing is the storing and accessing of data and programs through the internet, rather than through physical means such as hard drives. Basically, the cloud is just a fancy term for services accessed over the internet. Forbes Magazine stated that, “55% of enterprises predict cloud computing will enable new business models in three years.”   With that being said, it is expected that a large amount of enterprises will be making moderate-to-heavy cloud investments in the near future as they transition into full reliance on cloud technologies. Many are depending on the cloud to launch new business models, help streamline their supply chains, and provide applications and platforms to better manage and analyze data.

Costco Breaks Up with American Express – What’s Next for Amex?

American-Express-Costco-CardAmerican Express’ co-branding and merchant acceptance agreements with the popular wholesale retailer Costco were not renewed in February 2015. Costco has decided to partner with Visa for their preferred Card Network, and signed Citigroup as the issuer of the co-branded cards. The change-over is scheduled for March 2016.

While merchants and co-branding partners often transition, this breakup is poised to leave a large wound with American Express. Such co-brands are established to build loyalty among specific types of customers. Cardholders often receive extra perks when the use the co-branded cards, while card companies and the merchant typically see higher levels of spending on those cards. Most of such deals, however, don’t require merchants to exclusively accept those cards, as is the case with Costco and American Express.

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Introduces the “Moments” App

FB momentsFacebook’s new Moments app provides another platform in which you can exchange as many photos as you like with as many people as you choose. Forget the News Feed and simply share your private “moments” with only the people you truly care to. The Moments app scans the pictures in your phone for faces and is able to match a name to each face based on your Facebook friends. As a result of your photos being grouped by occasion, and your Facebook friends being grouped by your relationship, sharing them with others through the app is extremely easy. Unlike Facebook, Moments is focused on audience, rather than content.

Hackers: 1, Apple: 0

Apple-hacked_620x350It’s not too often that Apple encounters an issue that can’t be fixed instantly. However, a research team at Indiana University discovered a flaw in iOS and OSX that is causing Apple cause for concern. The team uncovered multiple ways in which many installed apps could be hacked by others in order to get a hold of passwords stored in both the Apple Keychain and Apple and third-party apps without being detected. Now, we’re not just talking about your Instagram being hacked; CNN explained that this hack, “exposes the passwords to your iCloud account, notes, photos, email, banking, social media – everything.”

A Risky Time for Pandora

music-nav-iconAs expected, Apple strikes again! Apple Music, which was revealed last Monday, is giving Pandora a run for its money. Although this is not the first time Pandora has faced Apple threats (Ping and iTunes radio), investors are nervous that the third time may just be the charm. Mike Herring, Pandora’s CFO, is confident that, “This team [of more than 80 analysts, curators, and scientists with a musical background], combined with our technology, helps Pandora deliver a simple, personalized music experience that is unparalleled,” but we’ll just have to wait and see…