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8 Ways To Feel Happier in the Office Every Day

Young office worker phones at the officeNo one ever feels completely content, fulfilled, and stimulated during every moment of every office day – but there are definitely little alterations to your work environment, schedule, and strategies that can help shift your mood to the positive side more often.

1.     Save your favorite tasks for your least favorite time of day

Some people thrive in the morning, whereas others take hours to fully get their brains in gear. Some people get super sleepy right after lunch; others are re-energized. The key is to know yourself – there is no one best way or time for working that suits everyone. Once you get clear with yourself about which times of day you tend to be at your least effectual or unhappiest, do yourself a kindness by intentionally saving tasks or scheduling activities that you love or can do easily during those times. When you’re feeling up, you might be naturally more drawn to your favorite work things, but really, you should put your best, most positive energy into things that are difficult. Hard things only get harder when you attempt to tackle them during your weak parts of the day.

2.     Knock out the annoying tasks first thing

We all have that thing we do where we look at our to-do list and avoid eye contact with certain tasks, like if we don’t look directly at them, they’ll cease to exist. Usually, they keep right on existing anyway. And putting off the things we must do that we don’t especially want to do just puts a dark little knot in your stomach all day. Your overall level of happiness will be much higher if you boldly knock out your least favorite to-dos early in the day and don’t have them looming over you.

3.     Be smart about your caffeine intake

Coffee and I have a somewhat troubled relationship: I love it so much (maybe too much) and therein lies the problem. When I drink it, not only do I want to keep drinking it, I often need to. I switched to green tea during the workday, saving coffee as a weekend treat, years ago. I know that sounds insanely radical to workday coffee-drinkers but hear me out: Tea has less caffeine, which means you are less likely to suffer the dreaded crash. And since it has a lower amount of caffeine and is less acidic, you can drink more of it. I tend to nurse cups of green tea all day long, keeping my energy level at a constant, rather than suffering the ups and downs associated with coffee drinking, and I don’t feel gross and nerve-fried at the end of the day if I end up drinking a lot. Just something to consider.

4.     Splurge on coffee or tea

Speaking of caffeine: Treat yourself. Spending a few extra bucks on an especially good bag of beans or tea is a minor expense that will pay off every day.

5.     Find a “getaway zone” for small breaks

I firmly believe that one of the main reasons anyone still smokes cigarettes is just because it gives them an excuse to spend 5 minutes outside every hour or two. The truth is, you don’t need to kill yourself to take a moment to breathe when you need it. Whether it’s going outside, or to some space within your office (or home, if you work there), find an area that feels restful and restorative to you – and use it. Put magazine and water there, or play music. However you want to spend 5 minutes that will chill you out the most, that’s what you should do.

6.     Get a work BFF

We can’t always choose who we work with, so of course it’s possible that you don’t click well with anyone in your office. But chances are, you have some avenue by which you can surround yourself with at least one person you like a lot. If you are in charge of hiring, hire yourself a bestie! Obviously, pick a qualified candidate who is capable of more than making you laugh, but there’s nothing wrong with making personal compatibility part of the job requirements.

7.     Stretch

If you work at a computer most of the day, it can be all too easy to lose yourself in what you’re doing and forget to move your body for hours on end. Make it a point to stand up and stretch, or walk (even to get water or visit the restroom) for a minute or two each hour. Your back and brain will thank you.

8.     Look for flexibility in your schedule

Not every job affords the option to build a schedule that best suits your needs. We get that. But more and more, companies are wising up to the fact that not everyone works the same way, or works best at the same times of day, or in the same environment, and that very few people work at their optimal potential when chained to a desk from 9-to-5. Consequently, even companies that don’t make a point of identifying as a flexible work environment are now more likely to give you what you need – if you ask for it. Think about what conditions – working later in the day, or earlier, or working remotely a few days a week – would work best for you, and then ask. Come armed with strong arguments about what the actual return on their accommodation would be. Sure, they could shoot you down, but what if they didn’t?

Newtek Business Services Partners With Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU)

Newtek-headerNewtek has partnered with Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU), one of the largest and most prominent Credit Unions in the United States with 26 branches, 234,000 Members and $4.9 billion in assets, to provide its Members who own and operate businesses the essential tools they need to compete effectively in today’s marketplace.

Modest Growth Trend Continues In Small Business Economy

Newtek-headerYesterday, Newtek announced the release of the SB Authority Index of small business indicators for February 2014 reaching 125.60 points.  The Russell Microcap Index, new business formations and approved SBA lending volumes led the increase. The SB Authority Index is up 0.42% from January 2014.  On a year-over-year comparison, the SB Authority Index is up 7.29%.

Newtek Launches “The Cloud Authority™” TV Ad Campaign

Newtek’s Cloud Can Save Customers Up to 60%

Newtek-headerNewtek, The Small Business Authority®, today announced the launch of its first television advertising campaign for its industry-leading cloud hosting services. The advertising campaign will focus on Newtek’s ability to provide incomparable service, with free 24/7/365 domestic support necessary to enhance the daily operations, and bolster security for its business customers.  Newtek also announced that switching to the Newtek Cloud could save customers up to 60 percent in information technology (“IT”) costs with its offerings at multiple price-points without sacrificing quality or availability of service around the clock.  Newtek welcomes IT professionals and resellers to also utilize its Cloud on a private-label basis.

Majority Of Business Owners Not Concerned About Credit Card Security

Newtek-headerNewtek Reports 63% of Independent Business Owners Are Also Unaware of EMV Chip Card Technology

Newtek Business Services with a portfolio of over 100,000 business accounts, announced today the findings of its SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey, a monthly window into the concerns of independent business owners. Based on a poll of over 1,400 respondents, one of the key findings from the February survey is that even after the recent hackings at major companies such as Target and Neiman Marcus, 67% of business owners are not concerned about credit card security at their business. Additionally, 63% of business owners are unaware of EMV Chip Card Technology.

Newtek CEO Barry Sloane to Appear on Imus Show Business Services is sponsoring the Imus Show on Fox Business News Channel – FBN (not Fox News Channel – FNC) tomorrow, Friday, February 28, 2014, from 6:30AM -6:45AM ET – at which time, Newtek CEO Barry Sloane will be interviewed. Please tune in at 6:30 AM ET to listen.

[News Ticker]: Why NOT $19B for WhatsApp?

whatsappMobile mobile messaging service WhatsApp functions as yet another social network; one where users can send messages either to one or many recipients simultaneously. The may even share their locations if they so choose.

The users are exactly the kind that Facebook is seeking. They’re active, uploading more photos per day than even Facebook users. What’s more, WhatsApp boasts 70 percent daily user activity (that’s 8 percent better than Facebook!)

Index Shows Slight Year-End Growth Within Small Business Economy

Newtek-headerNewtek, The Small Business Authority®, Releases the December 2013 SB Authority Index

Newtek announced today the release of the SB Authority Index of small business indicators for December 2013 reaching 124.46 points. The Russell Microcap Index, Newtek Merchant Processing, and approved SBA lending volumes led the increase. The SB Authority Index is up 0.80% from November 2013. On a year-over-year comparison, the SB Authority Index is up 7.35%.

Newtek Debuts Magazine Dedicated To Small Business Owner Issues

2014_01_23_12_26_45_Annual_Magazine_Newtek_Business_Services_..EMV Smart Card Technology, Cyber Security, Small Business Lending and Healthcare Reform All Discussed in 2014 Edition

Newtek Business Services, NASDAQ: NEWT, The Small Business Authority®, just announced the debut of Newtek, The Small Business Authority Online Magazine for 2013-2014. The magazine serves as a comprehensive look at the many issues small businesses will face in the next year including strategies to address them. To download the online magazine, visit

In this issue, readers can learn more about topics such as what to expect with healthcare reform, cyber security, and how to become a credit-worthy borrower. Specifically:

[News Ticker] “Ethical” Hacker Shares Thoughts about Target Breach

iStock_000025561239XSmallVinny Troia has the skills most hackers would be envious of. What he doesn’t have is the lack of morality. That being said, his skill set is helpful in determining the “hows” that surface once data breaches are exposed.

Most everybody has heard of the Black Friday breach at uber-Company Target that apparently affected 40 million shoppers. Not everybody knows that the Company is now saying the number could be as great as 110 million.