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Newtek is a brand of Newtek Business Services Corp. (NEWT: NASDAQ). Newtek Business Services has been in business for over thirteen years, servicing over 100,000 business accounts in all 50 states. Newtek aims to provide real-time, state-of-the-art content and business services in order to become the definitive destination for business owners across the United States.


We are:

  • A credible business partner with over $100 million of Stockholders Equity, over $160 million in revenues and over 100,000 business accounts
  • We have operated as a publicly traded company for over eleven years, currently under Sarbanes-Oxley regulation
  • All of our corporate data, as well as your company data, is stored in our military-strength facility in Arizona, which is both SAS-70 Type II and PCI compliant
  • We have fully transparent financial statements which can be found online in our Investor Relations Section, Or at

We are the chosen counterparty for small growing entrepreneurial independent business owners across the United States.

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