Alliance Partners

The Newtek Alliance Partner Opportunity

Alliance Partners

Alliance Partners

“Working with alliance partners is not ancillary to Newtek’s business model; rather it is the primary way in which we acquire clients. Submit a referral… and let Newtek do the rest.”

Benefits of being an Alliance Partner

  • Allow your clients/members to receive the critical business services they need through the organization they trust the most — yours!
  • We operate on a national platform and provide a suite of services that small business owners need to effectively start-up, grow, and manage their business.
  • Newtek makes it exceptionally easy for alliance partners to sign up and exceedingly valuable to remain on board.
  • We enable organizations to easily and cost-effectively expand their portfolio of business products and financial services, thereby helping them to forge stronger client/member relationships and to attract new clients/members.

How does Newtek Make it Easy?

  • Our slogan is simple; “Submit a referral…and let us do the rest.”
  • We do not require our partners or our customers to fill out any applications or hand-written forms.
  • Our systems are built to provide alliance partners with real-time feedback.
  • The same system allows for project managers of each organization and corporate executives to view custom reports pertaining to the relationship as a whole. Alliance partners are always in the loop and always know when they will be paid for delivering successful referrals.

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