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Barry Sloane, President and CEO of Newtek Business Services, Inc., has been featured or mentioned in dozens of business and industry publications in recent months, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times Online, and Bloomberg Business Week.

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Forbes Magazine
6/30/2011 Ask An Expert – Dodging Data Breaches
9/27/13 The Three Q’s Of ObamaCare: Quality, Quantity, And Quitting
9/26/13 5 Things Small Businesses Need to Know About Healthcare Reform
9/25/13 Root Of All Evil Or The Holy Grail? Private Market Options In The Age of Obamacare
9/24/13 Understanding The Healthcare Exchange Plan Offering
9/23/13 Understanding The Healthcare Exchanges
9/20/13 Countdown To ObamaCare Special Report
9/10/13 Checking In With Foursquare, SMB Style
8/29/13 Individual Mandate Clarifications For Small Business
8/28/13 How To Prevent Cyber Crime
8/27/13 How Worried Should Small Businesses Be Regarding Cyber Security?
8/19/13 QR Codes For Your Business
8/06/13 Is An Exchange Option Right For You?
8/02/13 7 Steps For Dealing With Angry Customers
7/26/13 Large Companies And SMBs’ Social Usage Differs
7/03/13 Obamacare Employer Mandate Delayed Until 2015
6/28/13 Avoid These Harmful Hiring Mistakes
6/19/13 4 Reasons Businesses Should Take Hashtags Seriously
6/17/13 Hackerproofing — 5 Crucial Steps To Protecting Your Business
6/14/13 Am I Required To Offer Health Coverage To My Employees?
6/07/13 How To Use Pinterest For Small Business
5/30/13 216 Days Until Obamacare is Fully Enacted — Do You Know What To Expect?
5/06/13 A Net Loss For Small Businesses
3/29/13 Tips for Building Long-Term Client Relationships
3/28/13 As a Business Owner, Which Social Media Platform Should You Use?
3/29/13 Branding Mistakes to Avoid
3/28/13 5 Tax Tips to Keep You on Top of Things
3/20/13 What To Look For In An Accountant
3/18/13 7 Ways to Enliven Your Next Brainstorming Session
3/07/13 EMV Chip Technology, Secure Electronic Payments
3/06/13 Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes
2/28/13 Sequestration Sequel
2/26/13 7 Habits of Great Small Business Owners
2/22/13 5 Elements of a Highly Productive Office
2/15/13 7 Pinterest Tips for Any Industry
2/13/13 Obama Urges CyberSecurity
2/08/13 Health Insurance for New Startup Businesses
1/28/13 5 Points to Know About Health Care Exchanges and What They Are Missing
1/24/13 Improve Your Networking Skills — Right Now
1/23/13 5 Surprising Marketing Trends for 2013
1/16/13 348 Days Until Obamacare is Fully Enacted — Do You Know What To Expect?
1/08/13 4 Business Options To Manage The Increased Costs Of Obamacare
9/12/13 4 Important 2013 Payroll Updates & Tax Changes For Small Business
12/31/12 Small Businesses Should Cheer The Fiscal Cliff
12/17/12 Five Essentials for Small Business in 2013
12/14/12 The 5 Biggest Issues Facing Small Business In 2013 — #5 Cloud Computing
12/13/12 The 5 Biggest Issues Facing Small Business In 2013 — #4 CyberSecurity
12/12/12 The 5 Biggest Issues Facing Small Business In 2013 — #3 eCommerce Solutions
12/11/12 The 5 Biggest Issues Facing Small Business In 2013 — #2 Business Loans
12/10/12 The 5 Biggest Issues Facing Small Business In 2013 — #1 Obamacare
12/07/12 The 5 Biggest Issues Facing Small Business In 2013
11/26/12 Fair Share? Is This Misleading?
11/23/12 Tax or Spend?
11/15/12 Tips for Naming Your Business
11/13/12 Americans Still Unclear About Cloud Computing
10/17/12 The Hempstead Divide: Obama/Romney
10/09/12 Donald Trump is a Small Business?
10/04/12 Easy Money! Fiscal Stimulus! Equals 1.3%GDP
10/02/12 Global Tax: What Next? Greater Transparency!
9/12/12 Tablets Are Going To Work
8/28/12 Small Businesses Approach the Fiscal Cliff
8/14/12 How to Improve Your Online Advertising Campaign
8/9/12 Abandoned Business Owners Seek Help on Websites
8/6/12 Top 10 Questions Every Business Plan Should Answer
7/30/12 Small Business Economy Continues to Show Weakness
7/30/12 Facebook Is Not Free
7/26/12 How To Network in 2012
7/25/12 Majority Of Business Owners See Health Insurance Premiums Rising Over The Next Year
7/17/12 Obama: Small Business Didn’t Build It
7/16/12 Visa/Master Settlement a Zero for Small Business
7/10/12 Credit and Debit Card Evolution
7/3/12 Majority of Business Owners Want the PPAHCA Modified or Repealed
7/2/12 Top 10 Healthcare Planning Considerations For Small Business
7/2/12 Why Texas and Florida Small Businesses Will Thrive
6/29/12 SMBs Can Keep Their Current Insurance
6/29/12 Mobile Device Security Is Up To The One Holding It
6/28/12 Call It What It Is – A TAX.
6/28/12 Print is Dead? Not so Fast.
6/25/12 The SB Authority Index Shows Progress in the Small Business Economy
6/25/12 Making the Most of Google Analytics
6/21/12 B2B Social Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making
6/7/12 Survey Of Business Owners Shows Preference For Smaller Government
6/1/12 Labor Force In Pain
5/31/12 A Walker Win — Great For Small Business
5/31/12 The SB Authority Index Shows Slight Decline in the Small Business Economy
5/29/12 Department of Labor Helps Small Businesses?
5/16/12 Cloud Computing and Mobile Processing Saves Small Business
5/14/12 Bring Back Glass Steagall
5/11/12 Volker is Right – No Derivatives for Banks.
5/4/12 Hiring How To’s
5/3/12 Small Businesses Are Not Hiring!
4/9/12 30-YEAR LOW – Let’s Stimulate the Startups!
4/3/12 Rising Popularity of Tablet Use in Small Business Community
3/28/12 Small Business Investment Bill Passes
3/28/12 Obama’s Recovery Act: Helping Small Business, Yes
3/19/2012 Small Businesses Gotta Have a Website!
3/12/2012 Durbin Tax 2
3/8/2012 What Small Businesses Need Right Now
3/5/2012 What Do You Want To See
3/2/2012 Complications in Paying Federal and State Taxes
2/23/2012 Romney’s New Tax Plan: Good for Small Business?
2/22/2012 Business Owners Need Protection
2/16/2012 Small Business Is Big Business
2/14/2012 6 “Benefits” to Having Group Employee Benefits
2/10/2012 More Business Loans, No Tax Payer Subsidy
2/3/2012 3 Important Loan Programs for Small Business Owners
1/25/2012 State Of The Union For Small Business
1/23/2012 SOPA Is Bad For Small Business
1/19/2012 13 Types of Insurance a Small Business Owner Should Have
1/16/2012 5 Merchant Processing Services for Small Business Owners
1/12/2012 7 Top Tax Deductions for Small Businesses
1/10/2012 5 Tax Planning Tips for Small Business Owners
12/27/2011 North Dakota 1 California 0
12/23/2011 A 2 Month Tax Cut !!!!
12/21/2011 Is a 2 Month Tax Cut a Cut?
12/19/2011 Obamacare Gives States Rights
12/8/2011 Obama Wants Your Small Business
12/7/2011 The Payroll Tax Holiday Ends
12/5/2011 Good News In Unemployment?
11/30/2011 WWW Beats Bricks and Mortar
11/28/2011 Durbin Fails Again
11/7/2011 Obama — 1, Sick People – 0
11/4/2011 Bank of America – Time to Celebrate?
10/24/2011 Foreign Capital Buys Work Visas
10/17/2011 E-commerce is E-ssential
10/10/2011 The Occupy Wall Street Protestors are Partially Right
10/4/2011 Durbin taxes banks through Debit fees
9/28/2011 When is a web hacker good for my business?
9/11/2011 September 11
9/8/2011 Why would higher interest rates be good for small business?
8/30/2011 U.S. GDP – Target of Deception
8/22/2011 To Cloud or Not To Cloud?
8/10/2011 The Real Reason for the Banks Not Lending
8/8/2011 Economic Growth, Not a Chance!
7/23/2011 Innovate or Die!
7/15/2011 Now your Visa & MasterCard Receipts are taxed!
7/8/2011 What Does Deficit Reduction Have To Do With Higher Taxes?
7/1/2011 Should the government be deciding bank profit margins on debit cards?
6/28/2011 The Small Business Authority’s Market Sentiment Survey Focuses on Independent Business Owners and Cloud Computing
6/20/2011 Jump Start Small Business Lending at Zero Taxpayer Cost
6/15/2011 Your Authority On Small Business
6/28/12 Small Business on Obamacare: No Reason to Hire or Invest
5/11/12 Bank Crisis Ahead?
5/5/12 Business Owners Wary of Flat Tax: Survey
1/24/12 ‘I Resign,’ And Other Things Small Business Wants to Hear at State of Union
1/13/12 Obama Elevates SBA to Cabinet-Level Agency
1/3/12 A Happy New Year: Business Owners Optimistic As 2012 Begins
12/27/11 November Spending Pushes Small Biz Index Slightly Higher
11/29/11 Survey: ObamaCare Not My Problem
11/9/11 Small Biz Logs Into Social Media
10/18/2011 Survey: Confidence Level of Small and Independent Business Owners Close to 30 Year Lows
7/22/2011 Small Businesses Worry Debt Deal Will Mean
Higher Taxes, Fewer Jobs
Business News Daily
8/29/2013 New York Times Hack: A Wake-Up Call for Small Business?
7/31/2013 Is Facebook Putting Your Business Data at Risk?
CPA Advisors
7/31/2013 Small business survey shows continued increase in use of social media
6/30/2013 Most small business owners unsure about how to prepare for ObamaCare
5/4/2011 New SBA Loans Signal Thaw in Small Business Lending
4/18/2011 New Capital for Small Business?
Daily News
2/11/2014 New York small businesses get breathing room from Obamacare delay
10/2/2013 Your guide to Obamacare: Young entrepreneur sees value of New York’s insurance marketplace firsthand
4/16/2013 How to improve your shot at getting a small biz loan in a still tough environment
2/7/2013 Small business owners have no strategy for coping with rising healthcare costs: report
1/25/2011 Helping the Little Guys
10/15/2010 Big Fed Boost For Small Biz
9/4/2010 Small-Biz Plan Rants & Raves
5/25/2010 Big Lift for Small Biz
5/19/2010 Small Biz Panel’s a Big Draw
The Times-Picayune
2/7/2013 IberiaBank is launching a $25 million small business loan program with Newtek Business Services of New York.
Chimera Strategies
1/11/2011 Lenders open tap for prepared small businesses
The Green Sheet
1/10/2011 Newtek claims 2011 naming rights at New York radio station
10/9/2010 Who’s Your Counterparty
11/18/2010 Newtek CEO says SMBs Are Gearing Up For Successful End to 2010
12/3/2010 Black Friday, Cyber Monday Post Promising Sales
12/27/2010 Small Businesses See Increased Sales
Informa Global Markets
1/3/2011 Structured Finance Monitor: Recent SBA Pricing
Bloomberg Businessweek
12/2/2010 Know Your Counterparty Risk Before Signing a Contract
12/9/2010 Three Ways to Help Secure an SBA Loan
Coleman SBA Lender Daily
1/22/2010 Coleman Interview with Newtek Business Servcies, inc. President and CEO, Barry Sloane
Credit Union Times
10/26/2010 Occupy Protests Rouse Small Business Owners
Crain’s New York Business
8/12/2013 Executive Moves: Aug. 12, 2013
1/22/2010 News Flash: Washington Cares
3/29/2010 What’s in Health Bill for NY Biz
9/20/2010 Why Can’t These Companies Get a Bank Loan?
Daily Finance
12/21/2010 The Small Business Authority Commends Senate for Passing CR to Extend Higher SBA Loan Guarantees and Fee Waivers for Borrowers
Daily Journal
7/28/2010 BizProf: Effects of Health Reform on Small Businesses
Digital Transactions News
1/2011 Rewriting the Transaction Routing Rules
6/1/2010 The Muddied Waters of Debit Interchange
7/30/2010 Payroll Debit Card Firm TFG Card Solutions Inc. and Business Services Provider, Newtek Business Services Inc., Close a New Agreement
9/13/2010 Stop Losing Customers to PayPal. Earn Multiple Revenue Streams on Everything Newtek
Economic Watch
5/25/2010 Small Businesses Need Sales, not Stimulus
Fox Business
7/18/2013 An Entrepreneur’s Guide to #Hashtags
6/24/2013 Will You Be Ready for ObamaCare?
Groupon Merchant
1/03/2013 How to Prepare for Five Changes That Will Affect Small Businesses in 2013
Herald Net
7/29/2010 Preparing for Health Care Changes
7/03/2013 Survey shows majority of business owners unsure about how to prepare for healthcare reform
6/1/2010 How to Build Alliances
Industry Week
4/5/2010 Companies See Burden in Health Reform
Internet Retailer
12/6/2010 The Biggest Online Retailers Make the Big Gains in Market Share
ISO & Agent
8/08/2013 People & Promotions / Payments Stock Watch
11/18/2010 PayPal Working On Point-of-Sale Reseller Program
Knoxville News Sentinel
8/1/2010 The Small Business Professor: Getting Prepared for Health Care Reform
6/11/2013 How Small Businesses Can Get The Most Out Of Summer Employees
Long Island Business News
12/27/2010 Newtek Securitizes $23M in SBA Loans
4/16/2010 Free Gift Goes Online
9/04/2013 20 Things You Don’t Know About the Private Cloud that You Should
Nerd Wallet
2/17/2013 CEO, Barry Sloane was recently interviewed for the NerdWallet CEO Series
Orlando Sentinel
12/13/2010 Small Businesses Fight for Slice of Holiday Pie
Palm Beach Post
11/25/2010 Mom-and-Pops Feel Like Ignored Kids
Payments Source
4/12/2010 GM Dealer Group OKs Newtek Business Services
5/27/2010 On The Inside: Building Better Technology In-House
11/18/2010 PayPal Working On Point-of-Sale Reseller Program
PBS Nightly
Business Report
12/2/2010 Holiday Sales Show Promise But Not Permanent Employment
Scripps Howard
News Service
7/28/2010 Small Business Professor: Effects of Health Reform on Small Businesses
Small Business Opportunities
4/15/2013 7 Habits of Highly-Successful Small Business Owners From Newtek
1/03/2013 5 Business Predictions For 2013
New York Business Journal
7/01/2013 Newtek to take over SBA loans from Valley National Bank
New York Post
9/01/2013 Recent grads find it difficult to land jobs
The New York Times Online
7/11/2010 S.B.A. Lending Plunged in June
The Orange County Register
12/17/2010 Online Sellers Feel The Christmas Cheer
4/15/2013 The 7 Habits of Great Small Business Owners
Small Biz Digest
3/07/2013 The 7 Best Habits of Great Small Business Owners
The Street
1/03/2013 7 Biggest Small-Business Trends in 2013
5/11/2010 Why GOP’s Fannie-Freddie Proposal Is Doomed
5/13/2010 The Bank Lending Dilemma
5/14/2010 Above-Average Joe Can’t Get a Loan
8/6/2010 Small Business Loan Alternatives
11/19/2010 What The Small Business Bill Didn’t Do
The Wall Street Journal
3/5/2010 TALF, Kickstarter for Small-Business Loans, Departs
The Wall Street Transcript
12/6/2010 Chairman and CEO Interview: Newtek Business Services, Inc. Barry Sloane
USA Today
11/26/2010 Firms Feel Thaw in Credit Freeze
Web Host Industry Review
11/11/2010 Web Host Parent Company Newtek Reports $29.2M in Revenue in Q3
World Journalism Institute Times Observer
5/29/2010 Federal Stimulus Money Invested in Small Organization Growth
Young Up Starts
7/12/2013 How To Reject A Job Candidate The Right Way