Domain Registration

Domain Registration

An effective domain is absolutely vital to the success of a website, particularly if that site is an eCommerce start-up. Your domain says a lot about your organization, and Newtek will help you acquire one that emanates the sharp professionalism you need to appeal to clients. With several domain types to choose from, Newtek will be able to provide you with a domain that will work for your business.

In addition to offering new domains, Newtek will transfer your existing domain-name, allowing you to use our superior rates and customer service that isn’t offered by other domain acquisition companies. Read on to explore our affordable rates, discover the qualities of an effective domain, and to test the availability of any domain names that you may have in mind.

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Transfer Your Existing Domains
Transfer Your Existing Domains
Already own your domain? Transfer it to Newtek to take advantage of our competitive rates and great customer service.
Don’t Forget Domain ID Protection
Don't Forget Domain ID Protection
Regulations require that you provide accurate personal information when you register your domain name, which includes your address, phone number, and email addresses. With ID Protection, your personal information is shielded from public domain lookups.
Expert Advice—How to Pick Your Domain Names
Expert Advice: How to Pick Your Domain Names
  • Keep your primary domain as simple as possible. If your company name with .COM is available, that’s your most obvious choice.
  • Protect your brand identity by securing alternate extensions. While yourcompany.COM is great, it’s a good idea to also register the .NET, .INFO, and .ORG if they are available.
  • Secure your best search keywords. If, for example, you own a landscaping business in Kansas City, KansasCityLandscaping.COM is a great domain to secure. Search engines, specifically Google, will rank your site higher on keywords that are in your domain name.
  • Is your domain easy to misspell? If so, be sure to secure the most common misspellings of your business or domain name.
  • Need more advice? Contact us any time to speak with a web expert.
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